I inspire parents to grow together with their children by speaking new languages and experiencing different cultures.

Not An Exact Science

I believe that inspiration comes first and foremost in raising a child. I do not believe in one-size-fits-all formulas for raising children. It’s definitely Not an Exact Science. If you’re ready to venture down the exciting and often unmarked road of speaking new languages and exploring new cultures with your little ones, join my newsletter, which is the most amazing {virtual} playgroup for parents in the entire world.

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My name is Adelaide Olguin.

As you’ve probably guessed, connecting with parents who secretly (or evenly openly) want more adventure and an enriched childhood for their little ones is my sweet spot (along with my husband who loooooooooves travel and heads our travel logistics).

With my revolutionary and addicting, online language classes for parents; blog posts and guides to living all over the world with your family; and my free baby sign Instagram and resources, I’m here to help you create your dream life – while making it all feel like it was inside of you or right there all along.

(Seriously. I have made things so easy for people that they’ve been like, “Your class was really easy. I thought this meant I wasn’t learning, and then I realized how far I’ve come so fast. It was just so simple. You made it so simple.” And learning should be that simple and effective!)

And when I’m not creating groundbreaking language resources with Native speakers and helping parents live abroad, you can find me in another country, enjoying life with my husband and two darling and way too independent boys; watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with my husband; or doing Improv and sketch comedy in Los Angeles.

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No stress. No crying. Just celebrating how much you’re learning.


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