11 Signs to Use During Bath Time

Here are 11 signs for bath time!

I’m partial to shampoo because my baby loves to sign shampoo, and then put his hands out to get a dab of shampoo on each hand. Then he rubs it on his head and tummy and signs shampoo again. It’s the cutest. I hope this makes bath time even more fun in your house!

1. Bath

A great sign to transition your baby to bath time or for your baby to ask for a bath!

2. Soap

Another great transitional sign.

3. Bubbles

Oh, the fun of bath time! Now your baby can tell you not to forget the bubbles!

4. Hot

Even if your water is safely warm, it might feel too hot for some babies. Your baby can let you know.

5. Cold

Also, if the water starts to feel cold, your baby can let you know how she is feeling.

7. Play

Your baby can ask for a toy that flew out of the bath tub.

8. Shampoo

Don’t forget the shampoo. 😉

9. Don't Drink

Just shake your head no as you sign drink. We do this a lot. My baby laughs and stops right before he drinks the water. It’s become a game.

10. All done

One second they are having a blast, the next they are ALL DONE. Now you know.

11. Take Me Out!

This can give your baby the warning s/he needs before being taken out of the tub. Your baby can also asked to be taken out.

Bonus Sign: Towel

Some babies rather ask for a towel or need a reminder to keep their towel on… or be asked where they put their towel!

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