Ball – Baby Sign

Learn It

To do the sign for ball, pretend your hands are wrapped around a softball with your finger tips touching each other. Tap your fingers against each other. Your hands are held in front of your chest.

Remember It

An easy way to remember this sign is that it’s the shape of a ball.

Teach It

To teach your baby to sign ball, always do the sign while saying the word in a sentence. Then give your baby the ball or draw attention to it.

Do you want to play ball?

Here’s your ball!

Here comes the blue ball!

Try to be consistent, so your baby will make the association between the sign and a ball. By using the sign in a sentence, your baby is also exposed to verbal language and more vocabulary. Awesome!

Use It

Here are a couple ways to use the baby sign for ball.


  • Your baby can ask to play ball with you!
  • You can ask your baby to find a ball or go get a ball.
  • Your baby can ask you to get a ball that he can’t reach.


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