Cow – Baby Sign

Learn It: How to Sign Cow

To do the baby sign for cow, have your hand in a fist with your pinky and thumb sticking out. Your thumb is on your temple. Twist your hand at the wrist downwards twice.

Remember It: the Baby Sign for Cow

This sign looks like bull horns.

Teach It: Teaching your Baby to Sign Cow

To teach your baby to sign cow, always do the sign while verbally saying the sign in a sentence.

Here’s your toy cow. – Hand your baby his toy.

What a big cow! – Point to the cow in the book or at the farm.

Your shirt has a cow on it. – Point to the cow on the shirt.

Try to be consistent, so your baby will make the association between the sign and a cow. By using the sign in a sentence, your baby is also exposed to verbal language and more vocabulary. Awesome!

Use It: your Baby Signing XX

Here are a couple ways to use the baby sign for cow.


  • She can ask for her toy cow.
  • He can tell you that he wants to read his cow book.
  • She can talk about her favorite animal
  • He can ask to wear his cow shirt or costume.


When else does your baby sign cow? Share your ideas with everyone below!