Deer – Baby Sign

Learn It

To do the baby sign for deer, have both thumbs an inch out on either side of your head with your fingers sticking up. Bring your thumbs to your head.

Remember It

The ASL sign for deer looks like a deer’s antlers.

Teach It

To teach your baby to sign deer, always do the sign while verbally saying the sign in a sentence.

Here’s your toy deer. – Hand your baby his toy.

Look a deer! – Point to the deer in the book or in your yard.

Your shirt has a deer on it. – Point to the deer on the shirt.

Try to be consistent, so your baby will make the association between the sign and a deer. By using the sign in a sentence, your baby is also exposed to verbal language and more vocabulary. Awesome!

Use It

Here are a couple ways to use the baby sign for deer.


  • She can ask for her toy deer.
  • He can tell you that he wants to read Bambi.
  • She can talk about her favorite animal.
  • He can ask to wear his horse shirt.


When else does your baby sign deer? Share your ideas with everyone below!