Draw – Baby Sign

Watch this baby sign video to see the ASL sign for draw, plus learn how to teach your baby to sign draw in Baby Sign Language.

Learn It

How to Sign Draw

To do the baby sign for draw, hold your non dominant hand out like a piece of paper, and with your dominant hand, scribble your pinky down your paper.

Remember It

Remembering the Baby Sign for Draw

To remember the baby sign for draw, think of a paper and a pencil.

Teach It

Teaching your Baby to Sign Draw

To teach your baby to sign draw, always do the sign while verbally saying the word in a sentence.

Let’s draw together. – Start drawing

I love what you are drawing. – Point to your baby’s picture.

Try to be consistent, so your baby will make the association between the sign and draw. By using the sign in a sentence, your baby is also exposed to verbal language and more vocabulary. Awesome!

Use It

Your Baby Signing Draw

Here are a couple ways your baby can use the baby sign for draw.

She can ask you to draw her a picture.

He can ask to draw something.

When else does your baby sign draw? Share with everyone in the comments below!

This sign is great for newborns and older babies. Newborns will enjoy you drawing in black and white and will love to stare at your drawings. Older babies will love for you to draw things and people they love, like daddy, dogs, and swings.

Babies Signing Draw

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About Adelaide

I started signing with my first baby, and I quickly saw the joy and value of signing. From the glimpses into his mind and the help it provided both of us, it was AMAZING. Now I’m signing with my second baby and helping hundreds of parents and family members to sign with their babies.

For this project, I worked with the deaf community. I wanted to create a signing library that honors the signs in ASL, plus I wanted to make videos that would guide moms–whether they watched one or 100. I want every parent–no matter their socioeconomic status–to have access to the information that will help strengthen their relationship and communication with their child from very early on in life. If you agree, share this with another parent or three.