Hurt – Baby Sign

Watch this baby sign video to see the ASL sign for hurt, plus learn how to teach your baby to sign hurt in Baby Sign Language.



How to Sign Hurt

To do the baby sign for hurt, hold your hands in fists with your pointer fingers extended and facing each other. Bounce your pointer fingers’ fingertips against each other.


Remembering the Baby Sign for Hurt

To remember the baby sign for hurt, think of how it hurts when you poke something that is aching.


Teaching your Baby to Sign Hurt

To teach your baby to sign hurt, always do the sign while verbally saying the word in a sentence.

Oh, baby! You hurt your foot. Touch your baby’s foot, and sign hurt.

Ouch! I hurt my head. Show your baby where you hurt your head.

Your teeth hurt really bad. Rub where your baby’s teeth are coming through the gums if your baby looks like she is in pain.

Try to be consistent, so your baby will make the association between the sign and hurt. By using the sign in a sentence, your baby is also exposed to verbal language and more vocabulary. Awesome!


Your Baby Signing Hurt

Here are a couple ways your baby can use the baby sign for hurt.

Your baby can let you know that she got hurt.

If you ask your baby where he hurts, he can point to where he hurts.

Your baby can understand better if someone is hurt.

Your baby can let you know that someone hurt her.

When else does your baby sign hurt? Share with everyone in the comments below!

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