The Reason I Quit for 6 Months

Did you know that some people HATE that I run my baby sign account and have this blog? Like, internet level of hate where they threaten my face by chucking a hot iron at it.

I usually just click delete on their comments and then block them from the party because they aren’t invited.

Well, last year, I reached out to Sheena from ASL Nook to see if she wanted to collaborate on a project, and she flipped out on me. It was like when you show up to a playdate at Chick-fil-A, tap the other mom on the shoulder, and when she turns around her face is that scary zombie snap chat filter that makes my kids cry.

In short, she told me that she wanted to be “the face of ASL” and to stop what I was doing—“immediately.” She told me that I wasn’t allowed to do what I was doing. That ASL isn’t a real language, so it can’t be taught how other languages are taught… by non-native speakers.

Like the thousands of people teaching ASL across the country aren’t allowed to teach.

Of course, I set her straight and showed her that I don’t teach ASL. I help moms incorporate ASL signs as they talk to their babies.

But still, when comparing her statements with other languages, ain’t no one hating on Amy Choo for writing a bilingual Spanish and English book because her last name is CHOO. That’s be nuts and ruuuude. But that’s what was thrown at me.

Plus, ahem, my account was made with deaf friends and all my ASL classesare taught by mothers who are deaf… and that is why I was contacting her!

After my response, she wanted to know about my language classes, but anyone who writes angry, rude emails isn’t someone I want to work with or trust… Plus, my friends who are deaf were just rolling their eyes. (Keep smiling for the camera, chica!!)

Coincidently (but yeah probably not!) a bunch of trolls started hitting up my account. They were writing rude things to me, and even worse, rude things to other moms about their babies or their signing! Then Shauna’s national Disney commercial started running (a lot) on television with her family signing at Disney World. I definitely didn’t want to watch that.

Lee Ann, who runs incredible baby sign classes in Vancoover, totally got how I felt. She commented, “It gives me a pit in my stomach when I get those comments 🙁 So the opposite of what we are trying to do…“

Me too, and that pit in my stomach just grew and grew until I couldn’t bare to login to Instagram. I needed a break.

So I focused on another language course that allows parents to instantly start transitioning their time with their kids into Spanish. So fun! No bullies! Just tons of excited moms that are speaking more Spanish than ever. I was SO happy that they were benefiting from the language system I use when we arrive in new countries.

But then a couple weeks ago, I was reading a paper about Jesus Christ. (You absolutely don’t have to believe in Jesus to get this one.) It was talking about everything he created and the awesome miracles he performed and then it suddenly said “He went about doing good (Acts 10:38), yet was despised for it.”

And my whole body went numb for a second. I couldn’t keep reading. I instantly thought of my baby sign Instagram. How incredibly silly it would have been if Jesus had just stopped his mission because he was despised for what he was doing. Right? Like, that wouldn’t happen! He only cared about what God thought.

Then I noticed how I had felt a teeny, tiny bit of what he felt when he was trying to help others, and it made me cry because people were so mean to him. They. Were. Just. So. Mean. Worse than internet level of mean because they actually drove steaks threw his arms, wrists, and feet and killed him.

That same week, coincidently (but probably not too!), I started receiving emails, YouTube comments, Facebook messages, and Instagram comments about how I helped different families bring signing into their home and how it changed their lives so much. They all echoed this message of gratitude and how I had played such a unique roll in the process.

And I knew what I needed to do, and a huge lesson had been learned. I shouldn’t quit if people hate what I am doing. I shouldn’t stop what I love to do. The internet may be full of loud bigots but the world is filled with people who need our help.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around for the last 6 months or so. Everyone has new babies or their babies are so grown up or both! Or there are new people waiting, like how do I get started?! I love helping you and your families. I love seeing you grow with your child as you learn together. This Instagram account has helped a lot of parents learn new signs, not give up, and be consistent, and it’s not going away.

Neither is my blog.

To sunshine and bubbles with babies,



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