Living Abroad with Little Ones

This week we moved from the beautiful hills of Guanajuato to the warm, sandy beaches in Playa del Carmen. Our roof top pool has a breath taking view of the vast, blue ocean, and at night, from the hammock on our private rooftop, Nolan and I rock into the night as we stare at the bright stars that cover the sky. I really don’t want this month to end.

This week my mind has really been turned to the poor and the stupid. The poor being my neighbors who literally don’t have roofs–and there are a lot of them.

And the stupid being me.

Saying, "Goodbye," to Regensburg was more bitter than sweet.

I didn't want to leave Regensburg.

Our apartment was the opposite of our apartment in Lisbon.

Maybe my friendships will always have to span around the world, which I wish was one place like the Internet and was just as fast to travel through as high-speed Internet.

When our bus was arriving, Darian and Nolan ran behind the bus stop and Hector was counting the change for the fare. If you don’t furiously wave down a bus in Brazil, they will not stop.