the patient patient

Adelaide trying to smile

After my surgery, I had to go to the doctor every day for three weeks for them to take the bandage out of the open wound with their poky tweezers. Then they would poke and push… then disinfect. Then they would take new gauze and push it into the open wound with the tweezers. Every pregnant lady’s dream. The surgery was hard enough without any anesthesia and no possibility for pain reliever after.

But it’s amazing what experiences like this can do. It took me a while to grasp that my loving Heavenly Father wanted me to go through this experience. But it’s trials like these that help make a person into the person Heavenly Father wants them to be. I’m a little worried though. I thought I might have learned something of patience. But I’m still not the most patient person. I dread what’s ahead… 😉 Perhaps I understand a little bit more of long suffering…

Whenever I get sick though, I feel like I’ve been a little too involved in everything going on around me, and when I’m sick, I have the opportunity to pull back and see everything a little more clearly. I think that this surgery has really helped put many things in perspective and gave me the chance to think about where I want my life to go and what goals I really want to pursue. It’s really helping me prepare mentally for the changes that will happen once my maternity leave starts.