Our emotional level this past week has been the equivalent of five Taylor Swift breakups happening all at once because my sons started German immersion school last week. My oldest son Darian has been in love and out of love with it so hard and so fast that my heart and soul can barely handle it.


I took a big step back from my blog to dodge some major drama (more on that on Tuesday/I’m not a fan of drama) and nail down what I’m reallllly obsessed with, so I have more energy to give you all the best stuff!

I’m really excited to share with you what is going on!

This week we moved from the beautiful hills of Guanajuato to the warm, sandy beaches in Playa del Carmen. Our roof top pool has a breath taking view of the vast, blue ocean, and at night, from the hammock on our private rooftop, Nolan and I rock into the night as we stare at the bright stars that cover the sky. I really don’t want this month to end.

This week my mind has really been turned to the poor and the stupid. The poor being my neighbors who literally don’t have roofs–and there are a lot of them.

And the stupid being me.

I can't express the peace I felt knowing that no matter what, Nolan and I could communicate with each other. It bonded us, his eyes lit up when I'd run in to the room and sign 'mommy here'. His first sign, ironically, was 'dad', but the love I knew he had for me was unreal.