The Bus Missed Us

When our bus was arriving, Darian and Nolan ran behind the bus stop and Hector was counting the change for the fare. If you don’t furiously wave down a bus in Brazil, they will not stop. I tried to wave as I held both of my boys in my arm, trying to carry them back to the bus stop, but I probably just looked like a spastic, crazy mom. So the bus drove by.

We waited for the next one and the next one, but they never came. We usually take taxis, but I wanted to use the taxi money to increase my lunch and/or dinner budget, and the bus would easily take us downtown, or so we thought.

Darian and Nolan were freaking out because they were hungry, so we gave up and went to eat. Darian whined the whole way to the restaurant, telling us that he could not do this. He is not good at delayed gratification. He wanted to eat at the closest bread store. Nolan fell asleep and missed all of lunch.

After lunch, we went to the park. Darian had me pretend I was a monster, and I chased him all over the playground. We were laughing up a storm while I furiously gobbled up Darian several times, but he kept coming back to life. Nolan practiced going down the slide with Hector’s help. Curitiba has the scariest, tallest, steepest, fastest slides I have ever seen. They also don’t have sides on them, so you can fall right off. Nolan of course loves them.

On our way home, Nolan tried eating moss off a tree, we walked past a haunted house, and then watched the third Harry Potter while eating popcorn. After the movie, we went to another park.

We happened across a Pizza Restaurant, and I was thrilled not to have to make something disgusting for dinner. The waiters brought different pizzas to our table as we ate as much as possible. Some notable pizzas were the Dorito Pizza, a pizza covered in nacho cheese Doritos, ground beef, and cheddar sauce; the Portuguese Pizza, a pizza calzone stuffed with boiled egg and corn (I passed on that, which confused the waiter); and a pizza that had a slice of deli turkey meat on it (for whatever reason Hector did not pass that one up).

I was really just there for the all you can eat dessert pizzas, which also surprised the waiter when I asked for dessert pizzas after my fourth slice of pizza. For dessert, I had a chocolate pizza with a scoop of strawberry ice cream on top; a chocolate calzone with strawberries on top, a pineapple calzone with white chocolate on top; a chocolate pizza covered in M&Ms; a calzone stuffed with milk chocolate and covered with white chocolate; a pizza covered in coconut; and a second helping of the chocolate calzone with strawberries. Oh, now I know why my stomach hurts so much. And it was totally worth it.