Saying, "Goodbye," to Regensburg was more bitter than sweet.

I didn't want to leave Regensburg.

Our apartment was the opposite of our apartment in Lisbon.

Here are 10 signs you will have MANY opportunities to teach your baby the first four months. Although your baby may not start signing back at this time, your baby will be ready to sign back when s/he needs or wants it the most. And, oh my goodness, the increased eye contact and speech you will do as you find opportunities to sign will help your baby's development and help your baby to bond with you.

Maybe my friendships will always have to span around the world, which I wish was one place like the Internet and was just as fast to travel through as high-speed Internet.

When our bus was arriving, Darian and Nolan ran behind the bus stop and Hector was counting the change for the fare. If you don’t furiously wave down a bus in Brazil, they will not stop.