Out of the Hills and to the Beach

This week we moved from the beautiful hills of Guanajuato to the warm, sandy beaches in Playa del Carmen. Our roof top pool has a breath taking view of the vast, blue ocean, and at night, from the hammock on our private rooftop, Nolan and I rock into the night as we stare at the bright stars that cover the sky. I really don’t want this month to end.


Our first day here, we went to the beach and swam in the ocean. In the afternoon, I swam with the kids on the roof while Hector worked. Then I gave them a bath on our private rooftop in the warm sun. Being in nature and swimming with the kids all day was a blast. The day felt easy, and it hasn’t felt like that for months because their energy is through the roof, and they love to go, go, go. I usually can’t keep up! I don’t think I could get tired of being here and neither would the boys, but we’re only here for the month.


The next day we hid inside from black clouds, pouring rain, and harsh winds. We snuck out for lunch, and then I made the kids cookies as our patio chairs flew across the balcony and smacked the floor to ceiling glass windows. {I was a little scared. Hector just worked with his headphones in and missed the whole thing. But not the cookies. He got those.}


We met up with another family out here {who we met on Instagram}! They have been traveling together since July of this year. Their 11 month old baby is absolutely adorable, and my boys are gaga for here… except when Nolan shoved her sweet little face down into the pool. {!} We had a really fun day together eating tacos and ice cream, walking to the beach, and swimming in the pool. A cold wind blew in, so we moved the party inside.


Family experiences as well as friends really make life beautiful, so it was really a treat to hang out with them and talk about all the craziness that goes along with traveling as a family. Plus, Ashleigh’s husband is Russian and his sense of humor is unforgettable, and she’s a bright, lovely person. Here’s their blog.

My parents, who we haven’t seen in three months, flew in Friday night, and they have been spoiling their grandkids while we tag along. {Love it!} We went to see the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza. For the last three months, the boys and I have been learning about the Aztecs and the Mayans, so they were wayyyyy excited to see the temples and a little scared to see the cenote where the Mayans sacrificed and threw in children their age.


While we were at Chichen Itza, we bought tickets to go to two cenotes. From the picture, it looks like lots of sunlight is filling the cave. A happy, warm place. NOT AT ALL. It was a dark cave filled with bats, and the water was cold and dark. I was so scared that I wouldn’t swim in it. So my dad shoved me in the water. {Did Darian cry more or did I?}


I hope November goes really slow and my launch for my most, heart pounding-ly exciting project changes the lives of lots of families and opens up more opportunities for their children right from the walls of their own homes.


To a truly beautiful November,



P.S. This beauty went out on Instagram this week. Click to play the video, which was shot by Jay P Morgan. {Thanks, Jay P!}