20 Baby Signs for Nature Walks

Did you know that most of our vocabulary is outside where there are more things to see and discover? As you take advantage of the beautiful weather this summer, take advantage of the opportunities you have to help your child develop in her communication skills.

To help you the next time you go on a walk, here are 20 signs you can use while discovering the world with your baby. If you want his speech to develop, be sure to pop those binkies out while you’re exploring, make lots of eye contact, and let your baby safely take the lead as she finds what she loves in nature.

Things to pick up


We kind of have a stick obsession that must be filled when we’re out on walks. It’s the first thing my toddler asks to look for and the last thing he leaves behind as we leave. Is your baby into sticks?


Rocks are great to touch and talk about with your baby. Take the time to talk about the different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.


Soft, smooth, and crunchy. Leafs have beautiful designs that little ones love to collect and throw.


Some babies love grass, some babies are scared of it, and some babies also try to eat it. To talk about the grass with your baby, use this easy to remember sign.


I don’t know if you want your baby picking up dirt, but we don’t have a problem with a little dirt. You can also use this sign if a little dirt gets on your baby’s hands.


You can give your baby the go ahead to pick something up with this sign. You can also negate it by shaking your head “no” — side to side — while doing the sign.

Animals to See


Tiny crawling bugs are so fun for your tiny crawlers. Watching bugs work and talking about what they are up to is fascinating. If your baby is scared of bugs, this can help him name his fear and talk about what he sees.


One of the most used signs because birds are everywhere and catch your baby’s eye easily as they fly by past her. Haven fun looking for and talking about birds.


A sign just for bees because they can totally ruin your day. This sign can help your baby understand that bees can hurt them and help them identify bees.


How lovely to be an insect that triggers children to shout with joy and run with fascination.

Things to See


Looking way up to the top of trees and checking out the way the bark grows all the way at the bottom is a great way to discover the world from high to low.


From white fluffy clouds to gray storm clouds, your baby can talk about what she sees in the sky.


The smaller the water source, the smaller you spread your hands. Your baby can talk about the beautiful water he sees on your walk.


You might not be able to see this one, but you can see what it’s blowing and how it feels against your face. If it’s particularly windy, this is such a fun sign to do every time the wind blows.


Whether they are just fields to lick at or individual flowers to pick for mommy, flowers are great to talk about. They have wonderful smells and colors. Plus, you might see a bee or two.

Directions and Requests


When you call your baby over to see something, try this sign. Then your baby can understand you better when you want her to come. Plus, she can ask you to come and see something she is looking at!


Ready to move forward? This is a toddler’s favorite.


Oh, no! It seems inevitable every time we go out that baby will take a tumble. This sign can make falls to big deal as you can baby can talk about what happened.


Let’s just take a break, mom.


A great sign to use when your baby walks to crawl instead of walk… and it just doesn’t work to crawl around where you are.

**Only teach your baby signs that are appropriate and safe for their age and unique needs.


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